Cricket Scoreboards

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Cricket Scoreboards

Cricket scoreboard

The Cricket Scoreboard is a major focal point in the ground for spectators, players and officials. It is usually a large outdoor screen in full view of everyone at the ground. Historically, it would probably be either hand placed digits or LED digits, but more recently as LED technology becomes more sophisticated and more cost effective, Clricket Clubs are choosing to opt for full colour video screens. These LED video screens can, not only show the scores and can be set up to totally suit for Club, but they are a fantastic medium to show CLub information to your spectators as well as sponsors or local business adverts, which in turn can generate revenue for the Club.

Much More than just Scores!

The large format full colour video screen cricket scoreboard, often installed into major Cricket grounds can show a multitude of information as well as the scores, such as team pictures, team names, match video playback and slo-mo action replays. Giving the audience a truly stunning experience whilst watching the match.Cricket Video Scoreboard

With this in mind we want to work closely with our customers to ensure that the electronic Cricket scoreboard we supply to you is exactly what your Club needs. We will also help you choose exactly the right type of electronic cricket scoreboard that works in the environment of your Ground and, of course, to the budget that you have. If your budegt doesn't stretch to a full colour video screen, then we our range of digit scoreboards, either small scale 6 digit up to 22 digit.

Whether you have a small Cricket Club, School, College or a major International Cricket Ground we can provide the solution for your bespoke LED cricket scoreboard, even including the Scorers Control Box if you require.  The electronic scoreboards are easily controllable and easily updated.



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