New LED Scoreboard delights Football Club and Club Sponsor

A recent edition of an LEDsynergy Video Scoreboard to the stadium at Nantwich Town FC has been received with much delight. The feedback from the supporters has been fantastic and the media team are enjoying getting to grips with the LED Scoreboard’s capabilities and functionality.

The scoreboard is approximately 3 metres by 2 metres and will show, not only the scores, but live video, animation, Club information, sponsor adverts and before the match all the team information and images can be shown. ‘Goal’, ‘Foul’, ‘Corner’, ‘Penalty’ can all be animated with a video to excite the supporters even more.

With the addition of header and sponsor panels below the LED scoreboard, the sponsors to paid for the scoreboard, HAL Payments Consultancy, are very delighted too.

An LED scoreboard certainly enhances the matchday experience for the supporters and visitors alike and is a useful tool for selling adverts to local companies.

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Fantastic! - Replacing a scoreboard originally installed by LEDsynergy in the late 90's!

Gerry Mc Mahon

Broadwood Stadium - Clyde FC