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Software for Scoreboards

At LEDsynergy, we have developed here in the UK our own range of software to programme and control our LED scoreboards. Our in-house software devlopers are continually improving our scoreboard software after customer feedback. It is very simple to use and very user friendly. Our engineers will do all the technical stuff, setting up your scoreboard and controller and we will guide you through the simple process of learning how to use it.

You have peace of mind that when you are buying a 'complete package', a stunning LED Scoreboard Screen and in-house designed Scoreboard Software, you are getting the best possible solution for your Club.

Scoreboard softwareFull Colour Video Scoreboard Software

Our full colour video scoreboard software is one of our primary software packages, giving full flexibility and is the preferred option for many Clubs. It is very easy to use and most of the information for a match can be set up in advance, the software 'window' acts as a 'dashboard' from which you can set up your scoreboard, for example, team names, crests, players' names and pictures, sponsor adverts and videos. In fact, you can set up all the elements for a particular match and save it ready to be run on the day. During the match the dashboard has simple commands to operate the scoreboard, i.e., match start/stop, run team names and pictures, add scores, run adverts or messages, goal, scorer etc, these can all be operated by the press of a button.

Scoreboard softwareThe scoreboard is controlled by a PC controller, the operator can be sat at the PC controller operating the scoreboard or they can be controlling it remotely with a mobile device within the stadium/sports hall. Simply connect your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi to the PC controller to easily operate the scoreboard remotely during a match.

Our software is fully flexible,the layout of the scoreboard can be set up how you'd like, with text size, images, your team colours and your own font even! If you have a stadium where multi sports are played we can install the plug-ins for those sports with their own layout and colours, giving you full flexibility and a multi-use scoreboard.

No Further Costs

Unlike other companies, who will charge you an ongoing 'license fee' to use their scoreboard software, once you have purchased your LEDsynergy Scoreboard with our bespoke software then its yours and you are free to use it as long as you wish!

That's right, we won't be asking you for a monthly or yearly subscription fee, it's YOURS!

Simple Scoreboards

For our simple scoreboards we have a simpler software package which again can be installed onto a PC controller and mobile device giving you access to operate the scoreboard remotely.


Our LEDsynergy scoreboard software can easily be linked to proprietary timing software or integrated using a proprietary scoreboard system.

We can integrate into software systems such as Cricket Manager, Meet Manager and other systems to enable you to use your existing software with our LED Scoreboards.

Of course, if you have a particularly specialised requirement, we can always develop a bespoke scoreboard software for you, but we find that our software packages cover most sports requirements.

For more information about our software packages, why not give us a call or send us an email and we'd be happy to discuss how we can work together.



LEDsynergy - Often Copied, Never beaten!

  • LEDsynergy Video Scoreboard software is designed and developed in the UK by our own software developers
  • It is extremely versatile and has options for all sports
  • Simple scoreboard software also designed and produced in the UK
  • Our scoreboards can be operated by laptop controller or by your mobile device

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