Outdoor Video Scoreboards

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Outdoor Video Scoreboards

Large format, full colour LED electronic scoreboards and video walls are fast becoming the norm in large stadiums. They not only show scores, team players and match times. They can also show live stream video as it happens, close ups and off course action replays of the goals, tries or fouls!

Another huge advantage in choosing this type of full colour digital billboard is that it can be used as an advertising board, many companies are very keen to advertise their company or products on a large screen LED video wall because the screen is a major focus in the stadium. It is extremely prominent and frequently looked at, especially prior to the match and at half time.

Full Colour digital scoreboards such as these, which is essentially a large LED wall, are definitely the way forward, and as technology moves forward bringing prices down then it becomes within the financial reach of more and more clubs. 

Our large screen video scoreboards are a common site at Clubs around the UK, with sports such as football, rugby, cricket, also athletics, karting, horse racing and more.

You have peace of mind that when you are buying a 'complete package', a stunning LED Scoreboard Screen and in-house designed Scoreboard Software, you are getting the best possible solution for your Club.


Recently installed Large Format Scoreboards

Football scoreboardWe have recently installed large screen LED scoreboards at two large football clubs. 
Notts County FC wanted two large LED scoreboards at each end of their stadium installed onto the roof. Once the steel structure was in place, the LED screens were installed. The overall size of each screen is 4.8 x 2.88 metres with an LED pitch of 10mm.
The larger screen at Clyde FC measures some 5.76 x 3.84 m, and is installed up against a wall section behind the seating area. The stadium is also used for Rugby matches, so different LEDsynergy apps are used for both.


Multi Use Scoreboards

Football scoreboard softwareOur Full Colour Scoreboards are extremely versatile in the way that they can be used. If your Stadium is currently used by a number a different sporting clubs then we can set up the software on the LED scoreboard so that it can be utilised by all of the Clubs, utilising our unique Apps. The layout and colours can be changed to suit the Club, for example the football layout could be different to the rugby layout if both Clubs use the same stadium. 

You can also easily switch between scoreboard view and video view or even combine the two, this can be a very useful feature in a match, showing slo-mo action replays. Either during a match or before/after you can show sponsor adverts or videos, or Club general information.


No Further Software Costs

Unlike other companies, who will charge you an ongoing 'license fee' to use their scoreboard software, once you have purchased your LEDsynergy Scoreboard with our bespoke software then its yours and you are free to use it as long as you wish!

To find out more about our stunning large scale full colour video scorebaords, then why not pick up the phone and give us a call? We like to talk!


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