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Motorsport Screens

Motorsports scoreboard

Full Colour Video LED screens are used commonly for the Motorsports environment. They lend themselves perfectly to the requirement as the scoring tends to be quite complex, because of the great deal of information that needs to be relayed to the crowd. Information such as Drivers' names and teams, Pole positions or Race positions, lap times etc., whether the sport is Formula One Motor Sport, Touring Cars, Speedway, Karting or Rallying. 

LEDsynergy screens and scoreboards are ideal for a fast moving sports such as motorsports, updates are instantaneous as the LED screens are linked to computers for fast update which is of paramount importance in this particular sport.

Video playback on screens around the track is imperative to keep your spectators abreast of what is going on at the other end of the track, they can watch the action as it happens, even if it's not directly in front of them.

Video playback and slo-motion playback is also a feature of our screens, invaluable when an incident occurs and you can simply rewind to show frame by frame.

Our LED screens are often used as time displays for events such as time trials or hill climbs, displaying information for each lap, race time so far or qualifying times.


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