LED Electronic Football Scoreboards

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LED Electronic Football Scoreboards

We supply a wide range of electronic scoreboards to football stadiums, smaller football clubs, and schools and colleges throughout the UK.

Over the years we have installed many LED football scoreboards for football clubs at all levels, from small non-league clubs, through to Premier League clubs. We also supply scoreboards to school and college football teams.  Regardless of the budget available, we will supply a scoreboard which meets your needs.

Whether you are looking for a simple cost-effective football scoreboard such as an LED scoreboard with static vinyl lettering and LED scores, or a large outdoor full colour video screen, speak to us and we will find the perfect solution to meet your requirements.

Recently Installed Football Scoreboards

football scoreboard

We have recently installed large screen LED scoreboards at two major football clubs. 

Notts County FC wanted two large LED scoreboards installed onto the roof at each end of their stadium. Once the steel structure was in place, the LED screens were installed. The overall size of each screen is 4.8 x 2.88 metres with an LED pitch of 10mm.

A larger screen at Clyde FC measured some 5.76 x 3.84 m and was installed up against a wall section behind the seating area.

At a football stadium or football ground, sports LED displays and scoreboards can be installed at each end of the pitch for greater effect if budget allows, or as a single display at the half-way line.

Full Flexibilty

The scoreboards are very flexible and can be used for advertising and information as well as simply showing the football scores and goal scorers. During the match you can also easily switch between scoreboard view and video view, or even combine the two.  You can also show sponsor adverts or videos, or club general information before or after the match, or at half time.

The scoreboard can easily be operated by a laptop controller with LEDsynergy scoreboard software, whereby each team’s statistics, player profiles, or adverts can be configured before the match and simply operated by the click of a button. Alternatively, the scoreboard can be operated on a mobile device connected by wi-fi to the controller giving you full flexibility and ease of use.

All of our outdoor electronic scoreboard displays are built with the UK weather in mind and are fully waterproof!



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