Shot Clocks Introduced into Super League Rugby

The Super League confirmed the introduction of shot clocks in January 2019. They are among a number of law changes confirmed by Super League for the 2019 season.

The changes have been made to introduce more speed and on-field drama for spectators and television viewers to enjoy.

What is the shot clock and why have they been introduced?

Shot clocks are being introduced in an attempt to speed up play
Teams will be penalised if they take more than 35 seconds to form a scrum
Teams will be penalised if they take more than 30 seconds to take a drop-out

The LED shot clocks were installed by LEDsynergy at the start of the year at each of the 12 grounds that will regularly stage matches in Super League, as part of the process to reduce the number and length of stoppages in matches.

The shot clocks have a static part with ‘SHOT’ and an LED screen connected to a bespoke control panel which will count down from the allotted number in seconds to zero.

Both Championship and League One clubs will be monitoring this new introduction in the Super League but for the meanwhile shot clocks will not be installed.

Fantastic! - Replacing a scoreboard originally installed by LEDsynergy in the late 90's!

Gerry Mc Mahon

Broadwood Stadium - Clyde FC